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About the Center


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have been organized at AMTEC KAZAN

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organized in leading clinics throughout the world

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from Russia and CIS countries have been trained at AMTEC KAZAN

Training Laboratories

  • Sim Lab
  • Dry Lab
  • Wet Lab
  • Arth Lab
  • Cadaver Lab
  • In the Sim Lab, participants use simulators and mannequins to acquire and practice skills in areas such as thoracic and laparoscopic surgery, endovascular surgery, and emergency care for adults, children, and premature infants.

  • The Dry Lab, equipped with five workstations, helps surgeons master basic skills by working with dummies made of synthetic biomaterials and using state-of-the-art equipment such as modern suture instruments, surgical access tools, ultrasonic scalpels, and electrosurgical instruments.

  • The Wet Lab, a unique platform for developing surgical manipulation skills in vivo, is equipped with five operating tables that meet all international standards. Each has an endoscopic surgical table stand, necessary modern instruments and suture materials, and the required anesthetic. Operations carried out in the Wet Lab have passed all appropriate expert reviews and receive the approval of the Local Ethics Committee of Kazan State Medical University.

  • The Arth Lab helps surgeons master the basic manual skills for arthroscopic surgery on simulators and dummy joints.

  • The Cadaver Lab offers master classes utilizing cadaver material specially preserved with unique “fresh frozen” technology, which retains the properties of biomaterial and enables surgeons to carry out operations in as realistic conditions as possible, thus allowing them to improve and perfect their skills in minimally invasive surgeries.

History of the Center

AMTEC KAZAN Advanced Medical Technology Education Center is a nonprofit organization and Russia’s first educational institution focusing on postgraduate education of medical specialists in advanced diagnosis and treatment methods. Since 2008, our center has established new standards in medical training and had laid a foundation for the development of continuing medical education in accordance with the best international practices. We are actively helping to expand patients’ access to high-tech medical care.

Since 2011, our team has organized training in leading Russian and foreign clinics for medical professionals. We also support doctors participating in the world’s largest medical conferences. Read more about this on the “Observerships page”.

AMTEC KAZAN organizes and facilitates various educational events. Read more about them on the “Projects page”.

The center was established with the support of the Ministry of Health Care of the Republic of Tatarstan and the company Johnson & Johnson.

Licenses and Permits

Employees of the Center