Information and analytical magazine "AMTEC KAZAN Info"

Official publication of the AMTEC KAZAN High Medical Technology Education Center

For more than 11 years, AMTEC KAZAN has been engaged in educational activities, helping to introduce modern technologies and approaches into practice. The time has come to share its experience in the constant search for new vectors of development with you – those who do not see themselves outside medicine and are constantly engaged in self-development, as required by our profession.

  • Here you will find guidance and inspiration for reaching new heights from opinion leaders who will share their recipes for success
  • Learn current trends in the development of medicine, which are reflected in the professional activities of the doctor
  • Evidence-based data and the invaluable experience of our internationally recognized experts

The magazine is aimed at a medical audience:.

  • Physicians and health care professionals
  • healthcare managers
  • professionals in the field of medical education

Magazine headings


Articles on the development of professional competencies


Articles devoted to the formation and maintenance of corporate culture in clinics, including case studies of medical organizations.


Interesting stories from the lives of prominent medical personalities


Interviews with the world's leading experts as part of the issue's theme


Success stories from famous doctors - how they entered the profession, how they gained experience, what principles they adhere to, secrets of improving their professional skills, etc.


in the world, Russia

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